Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

It was raining again this morning, so we were a little late getting going for the day.  Di tried in vain to get Tim to sleep, but after admitting defeat, we all went to the post office and shops.  We looked through the souvenir shops and bought bread and milk.  Apart from a few showers, the rain was clearing, so after our lunch of fresh bread rolls with pea and ham soup while looking over the new snow falls atop the mountain peaks and the glacier, we headed to Ballenberg, a 50 minute drive of about 40 kilometres.

Ballenberg has an open-air museum of rural dwellings and traditional Swiss lifestyle.  We probably didn’t allow sufficient time to explore everything as thoroughly as we could have done, but we had a great time nonetheless wandering through the area with its old wooden houses, traditional crafts and animals, all in a stunningly beautiful location.

We returned to the zimmer at 7:15pm to cook dinner and put children to bed, after which Di and I played dominoes and then wrote some more letters and postcards.

Day 44

Grindelwald and Ballenberg

Tuesday 25 August 1987