Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

We woke again this morning to pouring rain, although by 8:00am the weather was looking more hopeful with some blue sky and even some fleeting sunshine.

However, the optimism didn’t last long – clouds and fog soon descended and it poured with rain for most of the day.  Di did a load of washing and put it in the drying room.  Liesl and Phillip spent most of the day playing cards, dominoes and games of imagination, mostly with me but also at times by themselves.

At about 11:00am we drove downtown to Grindelwald to visit the post office, bank, information office and grocery store, returning to the zimmer for lunch.  Tim had a good sleep, Di wrote a letter, and I perused brochures to try and devise some wet weather itineraries.

When the sky cleared for five minutes – literally, for five minutes – we decided to make the most of it and we headed for the ice caves (tunnels through some active glaciers) on the basis that it would probably be drier under (or inside) a glacier than on the surface.  By the time we parked the car it was raining again, but we continued irrespective of the rain.  Although we all got wet, we enjoyed our excursion to the glacier and through the ice cave.

Day 43


Monday 24 August 1987