Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

Salzburg is located very close to the border with West Germany, so in order to get to our destination for the day (Wörgl in Austria), the shortest route took us into Germany and out again.  We left the Youth Hostel at about 9:00am and drove through lovely mountain scenery around Berchtesgaden to Konigsee.  The children weren’t ready for a walk, so we didn’t get out to see the lake at Konigsee, but rather continued driving back into Austria and then through Lofer, St Johann and Kitzbühel to Wörgl.

There was no Youth Hostel in Wörgl, so we found a zimmer (room) that could only be described as Very Austrian – in other words, very regimented and somewhat formal (just what you need when you’re travelling with three young children) (yes, sarcasm!). 

In the afternoon, we took the short nine-kilometre drive east of Wörgl to Itter Castle, but as it was privately owned, we could not explore it, although Liesl and Phillip had a wonderful time playing in the children’s play area.

We had dinner back in the town of Wörgl and then returned to the zimmer for an early night.  Liesl and Phillip shared a bed but used our duvet, so we were somewhat cool through the night.

Day 33

Salzburg to Wörgl

Friday 14 August 1987