Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

We spent the whole day today in Heidelberg.  Unfortunately, I don’t have may photos to show for it because it was raining all day (although there were some occasions when the rain slowed to a few drops, usually when we weren’t in a place that was worth photographing).  The weather was disappointing because we could see that Heidelberg was oozing with historic character, and had a strong reputation as being a lively, colourful place – but not on a wet day, it seems.

Because of the wet weather we went to various shops in the morning (and Di even found a Mothercare!), including buying some provisions for lunch.  We took our lunches up to a hill overlooking Heidelberg castle and sat on a seat under the trees to admire the view.  The views were wonderful, and it was a real pity that the rain was still falling and the atmosphere was heavy, grey, foggy and misty.

After lunch we drove around a little before parking near our Youth Hostel and taking the children on a tram trip into the city centre and back.  We returned to the Youth Hostel for dinner and we changed rooms, enjoying a much more comfortable night in a family room with a basin, table, etc, with much less noise than we had experienced in the other room on the previous night.  Our new room was right beside the bathroom, which was paradise for the children during the night.

Day 6


Saturday 18 July 1987