Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

We had breakfast at 7:00am and we were on the road by 8:30am.  We took a short drive around Metz before heading north to the tiny country of Luxembourg.  After crossing the border at about 9:30am, we drove to the centre of Luxembourg (the city that shares the same name as the country) and eventually found the old city zone.  Despite constant rain (European summers!) I managed to get some photos of the old part of town, although with poor lighting they didn’t come out well.

We left Luxembourg at about midday and proceeded to the east, entering West Germany (the German Federal Republic) soon afterwards.  Our first major urban centre in West Germany was Trier, apparently the oldest town in Germany, having been founded by the Romans in 15BC.  We continued driving through the grape growing areas of the Mosel Valley, stopping briefly at Piesport for a photo of the village located in the bend of a meander, followed by brief photo stops at Minheim, Wintrich and Kesten, before stopping ‘properly’ at Bernkastel.

Bernkastel was a beautiful town of half-timbered houses and a fabulous old town hall (built in 1608) on the town square.  It started pouring with rain just as we arrived at Bernkastel, so we had some rolls and peanut butter while we waited for the weather to improve – which it did, so we explored the town on foot, taking lots of photos and happily devouring an ice cream each.  Although it had stopped raining, Liesl was not taking any chances, and happily chose to wear her clear plastic raincoat throughout the walk around Bernkastel.

Our drive continued through Morbach, Oberstein, Baumholder, Kaiserslauten and Mannheim to our destination, the beautiful old city of Heidelberg.


Day 5

Metz to Heidelberg

Friday 17 July 1987