Russia 2002

Russia 2002

Russia 2002

My final day in Russia has been a day of fixing up odds and ends, such as reconfirming my flights for tomorrow, arranging transport to the airport, and visiting the Moscow expo (where we chose not to be represented because of the extra cost, but I wanted to get a feel of the ‘action’).

The physical arrangement in the Moscow expo is different from the regional ones in that there is a central tower identifying Australian education with desks for each exhibitor arranged around it.  It is certainly a more co-ordinated approach than the other nationalities represented (British, Germans, Israelis, Irish and New Zealand [the Kiwis with a single classroom-desk; VERY small display!!!]) plus numerous Russian agents.  Although PAC is not officially represented, I took the time to meet with the main Russian agent handling Australian schools, Tatiana Ievkina from a company called ‘Direct Talk’, to whom I introduced PAC at length.  She was clearly very impressed and (she knows Adelaide and already represents the South Australian School of Languages), and has already requested copies of the brochures I left yesterday with AusTrade when visiting the Embassy.  I felt a bit mean doing business without paying the fee to participate, but it seems consistent with the Russian way of doing things.  The expo is situated in a building behind the Russian Duma, near Red Square.

This evening I am joining most members of the group that travelled through Siberia for a performance of the ballet Giselle at the Bolshoi Theatre.  I have never been inside the Bolshoi, so I am really looking forward to it.  It will be closed from December this year for extensive renovations (that were scheduled for two or three years ago!), so I am thrilled I have the opportunity to attend.  The last time I had an invitation to attend a performance in the Bolshoi was when I visited in 1987, and regretfully I turned it down; it will be good to correct that error of judgement tonight!  Attending Giselle at the Bolshoi should go some way towards compensating for many of the discomforts endured over the past week and a half or so.


Day 16


Thursday 17 October 2002