Russia 2002

Russia 2002

Russia 2002

It was frustrating not to be able to continue the journey into Russia today, but I had no choice but to spend the day in London.  I made the most of it by doing some sightseeing, including a circuit of the London Eye, all the time feeling that I really should be in a different part of the world.  At least I managed to get some semblance of a weekend, a rare treat when you are Headmaster of a boarding school (even during school holidays).  At least I now had access to my check-in luggage and I no longer had to keep living out of my hand luggage without a change of clothes or any sleepwear. 

I will need to be up early tomorrow morning for the flight to Moscow, with a direct connection now to the flight to Vladivostok.  My e-mail connections may become a little more erratic from that time, as I will need to use my Compuserve connection to dial up into either through Seoul or Tokyo.  Rosemarie said that she will send her official driver to meet me on arrival in Moscow and drive me to the domestic terminal, which is several kilometres away from the international terminal.  I think she is feeling sorry for me after all my troubles.

I’ll get an early night tonight, as I will need to catch the 6:15am shuttle bus to the airport in the morning.

Day 4


Saturday 5 October 2002