Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

The wet weather returned today.  I went down into Grindelwald town with Liesl and Phillip to buy food for lunch while Di fed Tim, got him to sleep and wrote some letters.  After I returned to the zimmer with the two older children, we played dominoes and cards and then had lunch.  As the sky was clearing somewhat, we decided to get out of the zimmer and do some more sightseeing.

At 2:00pm we left for Männlichen, a long six and a half kilometre gondola ride to a peak above Grindelwald with an altitude of 2,200 metres.  The air for most of the cable car trip remained clear, although just as we reached the top station we ascended into the clouds.

From Männlichen, we took a 5.5 kilometre walk south to Kleine Scheidegg Train Station, taking an hour and three quarters.  Although foggy and overcast, and although some of the views (such as Jungfrau) were obscured, the scenery on the walk was impressive, even though walking was a bit slippery and muddy on occasions.  We took the train from Kleine Scheidegg back to Grindelwald, and after a delicious dinner of chicken, crisps, peas and rice pudding with fruit and yogurt, we wrote some letters and postcards and then did some packing for tomorrow’s departure.

Day 46

Grindelwald and Männlichen

Thursday 27 August 1987