Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

We woke this morning to another hot day.  After washing clothes, we left in search of a beach.  We headed to Pupnatsky Luka, about 20 kilometres west, which we had read was a good beach.  The beach was fairly secluded and required a 500 metre walk down a track to reach the small bay.  It was certainly pretty from a distance, but when we arrived, we found it was a pebble beach that was quite hard on the feet, and moreover, there were deposits of oil on the pebbles.  Nonetheless, the water was clear, and we spent almost two hours there before heading back to Korčula (the town) for lunch, after which we spent a couple of hours walking around the old town.

In some ways, Korčula resembled a miniature version of Dubrovnik with city walls, gates, old streets and houses.  One especially fascinating was the small house where Marco Polo was said to have been born.  Marco Polo (the famous traveller who wrote about his travels to China) is known to have been Venetian, and at the time of his birth, Venice controlled much of the eastern Adriatic coastline, including Korčula.  I guess if Marco Polo were alive today he would be carrying a Yugoslav passport.

We decided we make the most of our stay on Korčula and take the children to a second beach for the rest of the afternoon.  We asked for advice and received a recommendation to head for Raznjic , a rocky beach with clean water located just a couple of kilometres east from Lumbarda.  However, we seemed to go to the “wrong” end as we found lots of nudists (male and female) proudly displaying “all”.  The children appeared not to notice at all and happily played in the clear water (with pebbles rather than sand, of course). 

We returned to Korčula for dinner, and after waiting an hour and a half, ate our disappointingly mediocre meals.  We then walked around a little before heading back to our room for bed.

Day 28


Sunday 9 August 1987