Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

Following a relaxing, enjoyable photo taking session in this beautiful valley this morning, we set off at about 9:00am, heading west towards the Adriatic Sea coast.  Our drive took us through Rožaje, Ivangrad, Ribarevina, Kolašin and Titograd to the coastal city of Petrovac.  The drive of 260 kilometres provided us with spectacularly beautiful scenery the whole way as we passed through steeply-sided mountain valleys and some 40-45 road tunnels.  The only downside was encountering the worst drivers we had encountered on the trip – it seems inexplicable to me that so many drivers would speed around blind hairpin bends towards us on the wrong side of the road.

We thought about stopping in Titograd, but Liesl was keen to continue driving to the coast; I was actually quite hungry and perhaps I should have articulated my needs more strongly, but I didn’t, and so we continued driving.  By the time we reached Petrovac, we were all quite hungry, so we made our late stop for lunch there.

Petrovac had no accommodation available for the night, so we continued driving northwards along the coast.  The beaches looked overcrowded and dirty, although there were some lovely scenic spots, notably the developed tombolo of Sveti Stefan.

As we continued northwards, the beach situation continued to deteriorate as the beaches ceased altogether to be replaced by large concrete slabs built over the water.  People were sunbaking on the concrete slabs, and there were even beach umbrellas erected on them, jumping off the low vertical sides to swim in the shallow water of the Adriatic Sea.

We continued driving north through Budva (where there was no accommodation available) and continued around the beautiful Bay of Kotor.  We had a to take a short ferry trip from Lepetani to Kamenari, and we were rewarded with stunningly beautiful views of the old town of Perast across the water, beautifully lit in the afternoon sunlight.

We finally stopped at Zelenik, 60 kilometres from Petrovac and just short of the old town of Herteg-Novi, where we found a three-bed room.  We had a lovely pizza for dinner, but by this time, Di was becoming quite tired of drinking Coca-Cola (as the water was still unsafe to drink).  She even tried the beer tonight, but she won’t be doing that again.

Day 26

Ribariće to Zelenik

Friday 7 August 1987