Europe 1987

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Europe 1987

After the previous day’s travel, none of us managed very much sleep.  Tim was extremely unsettled, which meant Di was also understandably anxious.  After a breakfast of croissants, rolls and jam we set off via the Metro and walking to the Georges Pompidou Centre where we started to immerse ourselves into the Parisian atmosphere – fountains with sculptures, ice creams and drinks for the children – followed by a walk around the surrounding area of Forum des Halles.  The children had a ride on a beautiful old merry-go-round, and little-by-little, my schoolboy French began to kick in.

We then proceeded to Notre Dame cathedral, where we admired the beautiful windows and magnificent Gothic architecture, and then to the Eiffel Tower.  We decided not to go up the Eiffel Tower because the weather was misty and the children were getting tired, resolving instead that when we return to Paris at the end of the trip, we would do so at that time.

We returned to the Hotel Peyris via the futuristic business and urban development zone at La Défense, where the children enjoyed playing on the spacious lawns while I appreciated the evident principles of new urban planning.  On our way back to the hotel via Les Halles, we had a light tea at a quick takeaway place.  The children were in bed by 9:00pm, more settled than yesterday, allowing us all to get a better night’s sleep.


Day 2


Tuesday 14 July 1987