My 4th Trip to North Korea - 2007


I have been very privileged to visit North Korea (or, as it is officially known, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) four times during the period 2005 to 2007.  The purpose of the visits has been to establish goodwill between the school where I work (Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong) and educational institutions in North Korea.  Significant progress has been made, and details of the educational initiative can seen HERE.

My 4th trip took place in late May to early June, 2007.  Accompanied by another teacher from the College, I took a group of 13 students from such diverse countries as Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, South Africa and the United Kingdom.  During our time in North Korea, we visited many places of historical, political, cultural and revolutionary significance, spending most of our time in Pyongyang and in the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) at Panmunjom and nearby.  A highlight of the trip was the visit to June 9th Secondary School where our students had the opportunity to engage in lessons together, to speak freely and openly, to participate in a reciprocal musical concert and to play a friendly game of football.  Our aim was build bridges of friendship, and our students were sensational ambassadors who more than achieved their goodwill objectives.

Images of the trip can be seen by viewing the links below:

Gallery 1 - Day 1 (29th May 2007) arrival in Pyongyang - 40 images

Gallery 2 - Day 2 (30th May 2007) in Pyongyang - 76 images

Gallery 3 - Day 3 (31st May 2007) morning in Pyongyang - 52 images

Gallery 4 - Day 3 (31st May 2007) afternoon visit to June 9th Secondary School - 98 images

Gallery 5 - Day 4 (1st June 2007) visit to Kaesong and Panmunjom (DMZ) - 42 images

Gallery 6 - Images of the students on the trip - 56 images

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