In late May to early June 2007, I travelled to North Korea for the 4th time.  The images of the trip appear in 6 galleries, of which this is the sixth.  The other galleries can be accessed here:

Part 1 - Day 1 (29th May 2007) arrival in Pyongyang

Part 2 - Day 2 (30th May 2007) in Pyongyang

Part 3 - Day 3 (31st May 2007) morning in Pyongyang

Part 4 - Day 3 (31st May 2007) afternoon visit to June 9th Secondary School

Part 5 - Day 4 (1st June 2007) visit to Kaesong and Panmunjom (DMZ)

Part 6 - Images of the students on the trip - THIS GALLERY

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Images of North Korea 2007

Part 6 - The students on the trip

More photos of the students and their activities can be seen in the gallery showing the school visit - click HERE.