Stephen’s Flight Log - 1991

This page shows details (including images of the actual planes flown) of all my flights during 1991.  These were my 128th to 160th flights.

Home Base: Sydney, Australia

Number of Flights: 33

Distance flown : 90,836 kilometres

I am deeply grateful to, JetPhotos, and PlaneSpotters for the use of some images on this page.

128th flight, 15th January 1991

Sydney to Singapore


Boeing 767-300, VH-OGC

6288 kilometres

129th flight, 17th January 1991

Singapore to Bombay

Air Canada

Boeing 747-200, C-GAGB

3920 kilometres

130th flight, 20th January 1991

Bombay to Nairobi

Kenya Airways

Douglas DC-8-71, EI-BZU

4531 kilometres

131st flight, 20th January 1991

Nairobi to Dar-es-Salaam

Kenya Airways

Douglas DC-8-71, EI-BZU

665 kilometres

132nd flight, 22nd January 1991

Dar-es-Salaam to Zanzibar

Air Tanzania

Fokker F-27, 5H-MPU

73 kilometres

133rd flight, 23rd January 1991

Zanzibar to Dar-es-Salaam

Air Tanzania

DHC Twin Otter, 5H-MRC

73 kilometres

134th flight, 29th January 1991

Dodoma to Kilimanjaro

Air Tanzania

DHC Twin Otter, 5H-MRC

337 kilometres

135th flight, 31st January 1991

Nairobi to Bombay

Kenya Airways

Douglas DC-8-71, EI-BZU

4531 kilometres

136th flight, 1st February 1991

Bombay to Bangkok

Cathay Pacific

Boeing 747-300, VR-HON

3013 kilometres

137th flight, 1st February 1991

Bangkok to Singapore

Cathay Pacific

Boeing 747-400, VR-HOR

1439 kilometres

138th flight, 1st February 1991

Singapore to Sydney


Boeing 767-300, VH-OGH

6288 kilometres

139th flight, 24th May 1991

Sydney to Dubbo


Shorts 360, VH-MJU

310 kilometres

140th flight, 25th May 1991

Dubbo to Sydney via Orange


Saab 340, VH-OLM

339 kilometres

141st flight, 31st August 1991

Sydney to Coolangatta via Tamworth


British Aero BAe-146-300, VH-EWN

732 kilometres

142nd flight, 1st September 1991

Coolangatta to Sydney via Tamworth


British Aero BAe-146-300, VH-EWN

732 kilometres

143rd flight, 28th September 1991

Sydney to Bangkok


Boeing 747-400, VH-OJD

7531 kilometres

144th flight, 29th September 1991

Bangkok to Moscow via Dubai


Ilyushin Il-62M, CCCP-86564

8596 kilometres

145th flight, 9th October 1991

Tallinn to Moscow


Tupolev Tu-134A, CCCP-65113

841 kilometres

146th flight, 9th October 1991

Moscow to Tashkent


Ilyushin Il-86, CCCP-86052

2771 kilometres

147th flight, 12th October 1991

Samarkand to Moscow


Tupolev Tu-154B-1, CCCP-85245

2811 kilometres

148th flight, 13th October 1991

Moscow to Bangkok via Dubai


Ilyushin Il-62M, CCCP-86520

8594 kilometres

149th flight, 14th October 1991

Bangkok to Sydney


Boeing 747-400, VH-OJC

7531 kilometres

150th flight, 21st November 1991

Sydney to Brisbane

Air Vanuatu

Boeing 727-200, VH-TBN

751 kilometres

151st flight, 21st November 1991

Brisbane to Sydney


Airbus A300-600, VH-YMA

751 kilometres

152nd flight, 7th December 1991

Sydney to Brisbane

Ansett Australia

Boeing 767-200, VH-RMH

751 kilometres

153rd flight, 8th December 1991

Brisbane to Sydney


Airbus A300-600, VH-YMJ

751 kilometres

154th flight, 10th December 1991

Sydney to Hong Kong


Boeing 747-400, VH-OJM

7372 kilometres

155th flight, 11th December 1991

Hong Kong to Tokyo via Taipei

Cathay Pacific

Boeing 747-400, VR-HOY

2989 kilometres

156th flight, 14th December 1991

Osaka to Akita

Japan Air System

NAMC YS-11, JA8809

683 kilometres

157th flight, 16th December 1991

Akita to Tokyo

All Nippon Airways

Boeing 767-200, JA8242

453 kilometres

158th flight, 17th December 1991

Tokyo to Beijing

Japan Airlines

Douglas DC-10-40, JA8544

2140 kilometres

159th flight, 19th December 1991

Beijing to Shanghai


Boeing 747-200, B-2448

1075 kilometres

160th flight, 22nd December 1991

Shanghai to Guangzhou

China Eastern

Airbus A300-600, B-2306

1174 kilometres

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