Stephen’s Flight Log - 1988

This page shows details (including images of the actual planes flown) of all my flights during 1988.  These were my 82nd to 93rd flights.

Home Base: Sydney, Australia

Number of Flights: 12

Distance flown : 31,650 kilometres

I am deeply grateful to, JetPhotos, and PlaneSpotters for the use of some images on this page.

82nd flight, 24th January 1988

Singapore to Sydney

Singapore Airlines

Boeing 747-300

6288 kilometres

83rd flight, 22nd July 1988

Sydney to Adelaide

Australian Airlines

Boeing 727-200

1167 kilometres

84th flight, 24th July 1988

Adelaide to Sydney

Australian Airlines

Boeing 737-300

1167 kilometres

85th flight, 6th August 1988

Sydney to Dubbo

Air New South Wales

Fokker F-27

310 kilometres

86th flight, 6th August 1988

Dubbo to Sydney

Air New South Wales

Fokker F-27

310 kilometres

87th flight, 14th August 1988

Sydney to Coolangatta


Fokker F-28

678 kilometres

88th flight, 18th August 1988

Coolangatta to Sydney


Fokker F-28, VH-EWB

678 kilometres

89th flight, 3rd December 1988

Sydney to Hong Kong via Melbourne

Air Pacific

Boeing 747-200, VH-EBK

8093 kilometres

90th flight, 9th December 1988

Guangzhou to Guilin


Boeing 757-200, B-2801

388 kilometres

91st flight, 11th December 1988

Guilin to Shanghai


Hawker-Siddley Trident 2E, B-2210

1291 kilometres

92nd flight, 16th December 1988

Shanghai to Beijing


Airbus A310-300, B-2305

1075 kilometres

93rd flight, 23rd December 1988

Beijing to Sydney via Guangzhou and Melbourne

CAAC, Boeing 747-SP, B-2452

10105 kilometres

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