Nauru Travel Diary

From Houston to Sydney 2013

From Houston

to Sydney



The long trip is finally – and sadly – over.

Our Singapore Airlines A380 landed at Sydney Airport about 20 minutes early, at 5:35 am.  Our pushback from the terminal in Singapore last night had been delayed by 10 minutes so we would not arrive too early, which of course means before Sydney Airport’s evening curfew is lifted.

The duration of the flight from Singapore was 6 hours and 45 minutes, which I found quite short for an overnight flight when one is trying to catch up on some sleep.  Unusually for an A380 flight, it was quite bumpy for most of the flight, with low scale turbulence lasting for most of the flight.  Thus, we have arrived in Sydney in need of some sleep before we attack the long list of things we need to do to resettle in Australia.

And when I have caught up on sleep and attended to some urgent matters, like buying a phone, arranging internet and looking for a car, I might just find time to look through the 10,000 or so photos that I managed to take during the amazing 45 day journey we have just experienced.

I am so grateful that Di and I have had the chance to spend time together exploring some of the world’s most interesting places, from stunningly beautiful natural environments to cities and regions of intense historical and cultural interest, spread across 10 countries.

At the risk of repeating myself, it has been an amazing experience – and despite taking 45 days, it really was a bit too brief from my perspective.

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Day 46 - Sydney


20 August 2013