Nauru Travel Diary

From Houston to Sydney 2013

From Houston

to Sydney



On some days we have been woken by the alarm.  On other days we have been woken by the bright sunlight of the early morning.  Today, we were woken by the fire alarm at the hotel, resulting in a full evacuation and a visit by the fire engines.  It was quite a dramatic, if frustrating, start to our farewell day in Houston.

Much of the morning was spent packing our suitcases, which to Di is quite a fine art.  Unlike our recent travels through the US and Costa Rica, this afternoon’s flight to Moscow required us to pack and bring everything that we will be taking with us by air back to Australia.  Di has done a superb job of getting everything into three heavy, tightly arranged suitcases, with just a little overflow extending into our hand luggage.

We had received a very kind offer by one of Awty’s fabulous parents to take us to the airport, and moreover, to host us for lunch on the way as a surprise at a restaurant that I wish we had discovered much sooner, Pondicheri.

As those who know me well are aware, I hate farewells at any time.  Having said that, enduring a kerbsite airport farewell, even with two teary females, is actually far better than leaving a city by airport shuttle with no-one you know and no-one with whom to share “good-byes”.  So thank you Jennifer for your kindness, your generosity and your support, and we look forward to welcoming you and your family to visit us in Sydney, hopefully soon.

Our flight to Moscow today is on a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777.  Of all the flights on the trip, this is perhaps the one that I am looking forward to the most, being the longest of three flights we will have on what I think is the world’s best airline.

I am uploading today’s diary entry just before we board as we won’t have internet access again until we reach our hotel in Moscow after our eleven and a half hour flight.

Day 23 - Houston


28 July 2013