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From Houston to Sydney 2013

From Houston

to Sydney



I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder and rain pelting against the window.  I reached across to my mobile phone to check my Dark Sky app and confirmed that, yes, it was raining heavily.  I then opened the curtains and the reliability of the app was confirmed; the weather was indeed foul.  This was not a good day to explore the Everglades.

We therefore had a weather-induced restful morning, having a leisurely breakfast and resting in our hotel room.  Actually, it was good to be forced to rest as our sightseeing over the past week and a half had been fairly intense, and it was only when I slowed down a little that I realized how welcome a little rest was.

Originally the weather forecast claimed that the rain would ease at midday.  At midday, the forecast changed to say that the rain would ease by 2 pm.  At 2 pm, the forecast was changed again to suggest the rain might ease at 4 pm.  At 4 pm, the forecast said that the rain would continue until tomorrow morning.

Thus, our excursion today was just to the ground floor of the hotel where we walked for a short distance under the shelter in the hot, humid, windy, grey, wet conditions before deciding that this was not really an optimal day for sightseeing, thus turning around and going inside again.

On the positive side, I think I might be up-to-date with my e-mails for the first time in a week.

And I am hoping that better weather tomorrow might allow the Everglades to beckon a little more persuasively than was the case today.

Day 12 - Miami


17 July 2013