Middle East Hot Spots - Lecture for the Geographical Society of NSW - 24 July 2011

My 5th Trip to North Korea 2008

My 5th trip took place in August 2008.  Accompanied by another teacher from the College, I took a group of 16 students from such diverse countries as Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Spain and Tanzania.  During our week in North Korea, we visited many places of historical, political, cultural and revolutionary significance.  We used the capital city, Pyongyang, as our base, and ventured out to three outside locations - Panmunjom and the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) to the south, Nampo and the West Sea Barrage to the west, and Mount Myohyang to the north.  A highlight of the trip was our visit to June 9th Secondary School where our students had the opportunity to engage in lessons together, to speak freely and openly, to participate in a reciprocal musical concert and to play a friendly game of football.  Our aim was build bridges of friendship, and our students were sensational ambassadors who more than achieved their goodwill objectives.

A more detailed blog about this trip can be read HERE.

There is a view that visitors are not free to take photos in North Korea.  Although visitors may not take certain photos (such as of military personnel and certain areas), as a generalisation it is not so.  Indeed, I managed to take over 2500 photos during the one week of this visit.  In order not to repeat images of earlier trips (see links to the right), I have reduced the galleries of the trip to just four themes, which can be seen by viewing the links to the right: