One of the more positive consequences of the American trade sanctions against Cuba, at least for lovers of old cars, is that Cuba’s roads are still a haven for veteran and vintage cars that have long since disappeared elsewhere.  Old American Plymouths, Mercurys, Fords, De Sotos, Dodges, Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Chryslers, Ramblers and Studebakers share the roads with Volgas, Ladas, Zhigulis and Moskviches from the Soviet era, together with a growing number of new Japanese, Korean and European vehicles.  Some of the old cars are truly magnificent and in near perfect condition, while many more look like escapees from a car wrecker’s yard.  This page shows shows just a handful of these amazing vehicles that I encountered during my visit to Cuba in February 2012.  If you are interested to see more photos of Havana, click HERE to access the gallery of images.

Cuban Cars