One of the great joys of flying is to see how airlines project their corporate image through the most humble of objects, the airsick bag (also known as barf bags and vomit bags).

This section of my website shows part of my personal collection, amassed during three decades of flying, together with some generous donations from thoughtful friends - thank you to Alfonso, Alistair, Andrew, Barry, Christopher, Elsa, Enoch, Haro, John, Michal, Osnat, Richard, Robert, Ronny, Samuel, Tim and Yasmin.

Not surprisingly, there is a substantial online community of airsick bag collectors.  Links to some other recommended online collections are shown below to the right.

Because of the growing size of my airsick bag collection, it has become necessary to divide it into four sections for faster uploading.

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Virgin Atlantic Star Wars Airsick bag

Now 306 airsick bags!

A - B

72 examples


52 examples

D - Q

104 examples

R - Z

78 examples