My Most Interesting Flights

United Airlines first
Boeing 787        flight 4th November 2012

I was on the first flight on the first day of the first Boeing 787 for United Airlines when I flew from Houston to Chicago on 4th November 2012. Summing up: I received a great certificate but sadly no inflight food.  Overall it was a really good flight although not as different as I was expecting. It was fairly similar to flying in a shorter A330, except (a) the overhead bins were bigger, (b) the windows were bigger, and (c) the window dimming system was a disappointment; they are far too slow and not all that effective. The plane was not as quiet as I was expecting, but was very very smooth (up to the standards of the Ilyushin Il-62 - my gold standard for smooth flights). I didn't notice the extra humidity, but that might become significant on a longer flight. I thought the leg room was okay but found the seats a bit narrow (9-across whereas most A330s are 8-across). The cabin interior was not revolutionary, whereas the publicity photos a few years ago had shown breathtaking interior designs.  I was in seat 18A (towards the front of Economy Class), just across from United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek who was also in Economy Class.  It was a major media event with inflight interviews being recorded for television, and it finished with a water canon salute as we approached the gate at Chicago Airport - most definitely a flight to remember.